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The Workshop in Manning will be rarely open in November. We’re busy @ Craft Shows, sorry.
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NATURAL HOUSEHOLD & PERSONAL CARE | Handcrafted by a Chartered Herbalist

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~ My sister introduced me to this store and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the product, the attention to detail, and the warm customer service. I will definitely be back to shop here! Thank you so very much for my order! Corrina

All of our products are GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN (besides Lip Balm and Hair Care which contain Honey & Wax from Happy Hives)


As our brand recognition grows we are in need of the right people to represent us as distributors and retailers to help spread
the love of our products across Canada. If you love hosting parties, socializing, or if you simply want to purchase discounted, quality household and personal products for yourself or your store, this might be right up your alley. There is no pressure to sign up your friends, nor requirements to reach sale quotas per month. Just a simple platform with high flexibility. If you think you would be a valuable addition to The Tribe read more here…