Sports Days

Back in 2009 The Hedgerow was just starting to grow its roots as a company called HELO. The nature of the product wasn’t yet made by Rachel, instead, it was sourced from local producers, artisans, and designers to be shared at Farmers’ Markets within the Northern Peace Region of Alberta.

The concept carried through to 2010, however, this was when the first ever product started to be made. Organic flaxseed pillows, which are still available today. As the design process started, inspired by nature and a need for clean products, soap was next to appear on the shelves of the newly named Stitch n’ Spoon company. Support from all over the globe came with sales from Etsy, helping to step up the level of production and packaging.

Fuelled by the need to conserve our resources and live lighter, the business took another fork in the road and officially became The Hedgerow in 2012 when Rachel delve further into her Herbalism studies. Every time we use a product which is not designed or handcrafted by The Hedgerow, ideas form and the mixing pot of creation stirs…

The Team

smiles HR

SMILES | Human Resources

Smiles joined The Hedgerow several years ago after flying into our space.  He has been our official host and team support ever since.  His main job is to bring joy into people lives. Even though he was born out of concrete, that task is never hard for Smiles.  He loves to be pet and adores it when kids of all ages stop to say hello!  Have you met Smiles?  He is definitely the socialite of the team.

get to know me (2)

RACHEL WATSON | Herbalist & Designer (Scent Master)

Foraging the neighbours weeds and local Australian bushland was Rachel’s cherished childhood past time. So it was only natural that her favourite subjects in school evolved around earth sciences and human biology, which were explored further at The University of Adelaide. After moving up to Alberta her inner child awoke as she was surrounded by all the different biomes in Canada. This drew her further into the discipline of Herbalism where she became formally trained as Chartered Herbalism via a Diploma from the oldest Western Herbal College in North America, Dominion Herbal College. Her passion is to share this knowledge, make positive contributions to the well-being of others and our environment, and to infuse handcrafted product with wisdom!

duane tech transport

DUANE HEDDEMA | Tech & Transport

The behind the scenes guy, who likes it that way.  It’s rare to snap a picture of Duane!

To be continued…