Foot Intensive Care Cream


Like root beer? The foot care line is designed to soothe deep into the body and senses. Intensively rich oils of coconut and ethical shea butter reach deep into skin fissures of both the feet of these butter compact creams, yet they don't feel overly oily or sticky. Best results shown after using the Foot Scrub.

120g | 4oz


120grams | 4oz Organic and natural oils blended with therapeutic aromatics Packaged in BPA-free jar

Key Ingredients

SHEA BUTTER Butyrospermum parkii (organic) is packed full of antioxidants, including quercetin, epicatechin gallate, gallocatechin, epigallocatechin, as well the skin-replenishing stearic and linoleic fatty acids. Wonderful for dry skin.
SEABERRY OIL Hippophae rhamnoides has a high vitamin C content which supports the compound’s collagen-forming abilities. It’s also great for irritated skin, and helps reduce inflammation, and redness. Having vitamin E it can help heal skin quickly and reduce scarring.
WINTERGREEN ESSENTIAL OIL Gaultheria fragrantissima (organic)


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