Foot Softening Soak


Like root beer? The foot care line is designed to soothe deep into the body and senses. The epidermis of the feet, along with lyphmatic and nervous systems beneath the skin, allow the movement of organic healing compounds to travel deep within our body. Best results shown when feet are scrubbed after 15 min of soaking, then cream applied.

455g | 16oz


455g | 16oz Mineral rich blend of essential electrolytes and oils Packaged in BPA-free Jar.


EPSOM SALTS are named after the town of Epsom in England about 15 miles from London. They were discovered in a spring. These salts were found to be rich in magnesium which help with aches, pains, and reduce stiffness. Moreover, a electrolyte bath will soften the skin and help deodorize your body.


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