Hemp Body Polish


Smooth skin-making body polish for all skin types. Exfoliate without damaging the acid mantle of your skin with this pH balanced cleanser. Boost your circulation, and skin texture using eco-exfoliates, and natural crystals. SLS-free | Micro-bead-free



230grams | 8oz Crystalized body polish, enriched with hemp seed oil Packaged in BPA-free Jar.

Key Ingredients

HEMP SEED OIL Cannabis sativa (sourced from Canada or US) (organic) has a high amount of omega fatty acids, and alpha-linolenic acid. Being cold pressed, the beneficial skin loving nutrients are stable, and absorb rapidly into the skin.
COCOA BUTTER Theobroma Cacao (organic) helps bring moisture to the skin and is a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols. It has a sweet fragrance, and softens the skin by keeping your skin moist without being sticky.
ESSENTIAL OILS can assist via aromatherapy through aerial diffusion. Topically most oils are antimicrobial, others soothe or heal, cool or warm, and help sebum production.


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