Lime Orange Blossom Bath Salts


A pleasant aroma, with uplifting garden and sweet citrus accents. Replace bath bombs with mineral fizz! Choose how much you want in your bath. Or dust the floor of your shower with the salts for an aroma, foot softening boost. May help open up lungs and refresh the mind.

455g | 16oz


455g | 16oz Mineral rich blend of essential electrolytes and oils Packaged in BPA-free Jar.


EPSOM SALTS Magnesium sulfate are named after the town of Epsom in England about 15 miles from London. These salts were found in a nearby spring, rich in magnesium which help with aches, pains, and reduce stiffness. Moreover, a electrolyte bath will soften the skin and help deodorize your body.
OLIVE LEAF Olea europaea (organic)


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