Liquid Hand Soap


Use in the bathroom or kitchen. Designed for those that have to wash their hands often. Very gentle to the skin, but still packs a punch to gems. A little goes a long way, watch how long the bottle lasts!



242ml | 8.5oz Liquid soap enriched with coconut extracts, and essential oils Packaged in BPA-free Bottle.

Key Ingredients

COCO BETAINE is produced from the fatty acids in coconut oil, mainly lauric acid. Like other coconut surfactants, it’s produced in the lab to produce a gentle soap, that is far less alkaline than castile (which can disrupt the acid mantle of your skin).
COCO GLUCOSIDE is obtained from 100% renewable raw materials(coconut and fruit sugars). It maintains skin balance without dryness. Due it it’s super gentle soaping ability, it helps to moisturize the skin to prevent inflammation and itchiness, making it an ideal ingredient for those with sensitive skin.

PRODUCT TIP | When the bottle is almost empty, fill it up the sink with the remaining suds to scrub your hands after gardening, or clean veggies.


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