Moisturizer & Cream


50g - 120g


50g | 1.75oz CC DAYTIME FACE CREAM Packaged in brushed metal glass insert jar.
50g | 1.75oz AHA NIGHT FACE CREAM Packaged in brushed metal glass insert jar.
120ml | 4oz NAKED FACE MOISTURIZER Packaged in a BPA-free bottle with treatment pump.
120g | 4oz NAKED FACE WHIP Packaged in a BPA-free jar.


CC DAYTIME FACE CREAM A light cream enriched with carrot, seaberry, and marine extracts to fight environmental and premature aging. An olive based extract, called squalene,¬†helps tighten the skin without damage to it’s structure. Intensively rich oils, coconut and shea butter, reach deep into skin epidermis for optimum moisture.
AHA NIGHT FACE CREAM This cream is blended with a mild fruit AHAs which gently relax the upper, stagnant layers of the epidermal skin at night to assist in exfoliating in the morning. Yarrow extract, and pomegranate oil heals the freshly exposed skin to keep the epidermis looking it’s best. Hyaluronic acid powers through the night, securing moisture and creating a full, youthful skin.
Suitable for:
Those with sensitive, inflamed skin | Combination of balanced and dry | Normal skin composition
Enriched with Baobab oil. A perfect opinion sensitive skin types, as it contains such a clean, simple formula. Light weight in texture and quick to absorb, leaving the skin with a matte finish, and baby-soft feel.
Suitable for:
Those with sensitive, inflamed, skin | Combination of balanced and dry | Dry, itchy, damaged skin texture
Ideal for sun, wind or chemical burns, healing from cosmetic procedures, or dryness caused by environmental exposure, psoriasis, or eczema. This moisture-rich cream has a moderate to slow absorption rate, with a youthful, luminous sheen.


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