Orange Bergamot Bubble Bath


Smells like a refreshing creamsicle popsicle. Was called Citrus Twist. A lovely clean, pH balanced, and gentle formula. Super skin-friendly bubbles!!! SLS-free

230 ml | 8oz


230ml | 8oz of bubbles, and more bubbles in a gentle blend of essential oils Packaged in BPA-free Bottle.

Key Ingredients

PRO-VITAMIN B5 is readily absorbed through the skin, and rapidly converts to Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), a natural constituent present in all living cells. It has been shown to improve the appearance of irritated skin and is used as part of rejuvenating products.
SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus sinenis (organic) is produced by cold pressing the rind of an orange fruit. It’s an uplifting, warm essential oil used for correcting dull skin.
BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus bergamia is a citrus-scented oil extracted from Citrus Beragamia fruit, a tree native of Southeast Asia, but can now be found primarily in Italy. Bergamot is a grounding essential oil with antiseptic properties. Uplifting to the soul, and calming to the nerves, gives it a very balancing nature.


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