Therapy Pillow


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Which one is right for you?

  • Eucalyptus Mint (Sinuses, Clarity, Headache)
  • Cape Lavender (Nerves, Eyes, Rest, Pain)
  • Patchouli (Tension, Anxiety, Release)

Aromatherapy, Heat or Cold Therapy!

Flaxseeds are very tiny & conform naturally to the body, they provide therapeutic compression with a weight & feeling almost liquid-like in nature. Due to the high amount of natural oils found within flaxseed, these pillows last much longer than rice or buckwheat.

The herbal properties tucked within the pillow remain strong for three months if used daily. After which you can continue using your pillow for heat therapy, or place it inside a bag and put it in the freezer for cold therapy.

5 x 9 Flaxseed Pillow made with Organic Flaxseed and Hemp Fabric.

Packaged in Biodegradable Plastic made from Wood Cellulose.

FREE of BHA and BHT, Coal tar dyes, DEA-related ingredients, Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, Parabens, Perfum (fragrance), PEG compounds, Petrolatum, Siloxanes, Sodium laureth sulfate, or Triclosan.  You can read more about these ingredients here


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