Ylang Ylang Lavender Shampoo


A very elegant, exotic scent with depth. Vitamin B5 enriched Shampoo with specialized essentials oils. It's exceptional for a variety of hair types. Without harmful chemicals, all of our Hair Care products are colour and water table safe. SLS-free

120ml | 8oz


230ml | 8oz Shampoo infused with Vit. B5, and essential oils Packaged in BPA-free Bottle


PRO-VITAMIN B5 is readily absorbed through the skin, and rapidly converts to Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), a natural constituent of healthy hair and a substance present in all living cells. It helps repair damaged and brings volume to hair.
LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL Lavandula angustifolia (organic) has a calming, sharp floral scent. It’s an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory oil, which is perfect for skin care. As these properties assist with wound healing, burns, cell regenerative, insect bites, itchiness, and general skin care.


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